Stryd projected distance times.


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    Valerie Constien

    Hello Richard, 

    This dramatic change occurred because the information contributing to your Critical Power calculation is not ideal. The Critical Power calculation and the Race Power Calculation both need maximum efforts across different time segments to give you the best results. You have primarily been doing the same activity for many weeks. 

    The more variety you have in your running, the more accurate your Critical Power will be. We recommend the following:

    1. Long duration runs of 40-60 minutes at max effort or near max effort (time trial or 10k race) for those that are training for a half or full marathon distance.

    2. Medium duration runs of 10-20 minutes at max effort or near max effort (time trial or 5k race)

    3. A short max effort run that is 3-5 minutes in duration.
    4. Short distance sprints or strides at max effort (10-30 seconds in duration).

    Stryd will use approximately 90 days' worth of runs to determine your Critical Power. The runs that contribute to your Critical Power can be viewed in the Power Duration Curve

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