Using a bluetooth Heart Rate monitor with iPhone or Android




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    Robert Carter

    re: Stryd Footpod and HRM's

    Long time Stryd user, I have successfully used Runmeter app on iPhone to record both footpod and independent HRM bluetooth data. Have taken power, HR, etc on numerous training runs and races, 5K, 10K & half marathons. 

    Runmeter has an excellent audio voice prompt for all metrics. iSmoothrun only calls out a few important ones

    iSmoothrun will use pace from the Stryd if GPS is switched off.  Runmeter (so far) will only use GPS in the phone.  This is a big advantage as I've found Stryd's pace accuracy  is better than the iPhone GPS.

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    I would love to see improved Android app with heart rate monitor (tickr) integration and audio cues.

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