How can I see a second power field (lap or average) in Garmin Run Mode?




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    Hey, I'm the AppBuilder dev. FYI, the correct formula for lap power is:


    Pretty sure nobody wants to mess around with formulas tho, so you can download my new data field app "Run Power" instead. It has power zones, power alerts, and 6 fields with all the power metrics you need:

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    Evan Schwartz

    Thank you so much for that information!

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    Alex Gómez Garrido


    Is it working if stryd is connected as a footpod?

    If you go to developer page:

    The following is mentioned:

    "Power works with Stryd running pods if you connect to the Stryd as a generic power meter, on a multisport watch."

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    Hey Alex,

    My understanding is that you can connect to Stryd as both a footpod and a power meter at the same time. AppBuilder requires that you connect as a power meter. Run Power requires that you connect as a power meter if your watch supports that -- otherwise you can enter the ANT+ ID so the app can make a direct connection.



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    Alex Gómez Garrido

    Hi Flowstate!

    Yes, it is. Now, it works. 

    As you comment, the key issue is to pair stryd and garmin watch (fenix 3 in my case) as a footpod and as a powermeter both at the same time.

    Thanks for your help!

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